How to Perform GP 1 Diagnostics Entry for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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This procedure describes how to enter and exit diagnostics and the available service routines.

NOTE: A video of this procedure is available on the EDOC. The video is accessible from the Library menu on the Service Interface.

How to Enter Diagnostics

1. If necessary, switch on the machine, GP 10.

NOTE: Log out of system administration tools and delete all print jobs in the queue before entering diagnostics.

2. When the machine is ready, press and hold the Home button for 5 seconds. Release the home button.

3. When the passcode screen opens, enter the passcode, 6789. Touch OK. If the UI displays a message requesting a maintenance password, touch Next.

NOTE: The system administrator can set an extra level of diagnostics password protection 'a maintenance password'. Security sensitive customers may have this feature enabled. If this feature is enabled, obtain the maintenance password from the customer.

4. If required, enter the maintenance password, touch OK. If the maintenance password is unavailable, refer to Maintenance Password Not Available.

5. Touch Diagnostics.

6. Select the relevant diagnostics routine:

dC118 Jam Counter
dC120 Failure Counter
dC122 Shutdown History
dC125 Faults
• dC126 System Registration Adjustment
dC131 NVM Read/Write
dC132 Device ID and Billing Data
dC135 HFSI Counter
dC140 Analog Component Monitoring
dC301 Initialize NVM
dC305 Panel Diagnostics
dC330 Component Control
dC355 Hard Disk Diagnostics
dC363 Backup and Restore NVM Values
dC500 Blank Page Threshold Value
dC527 DADF Independent Operation
dC612 Print Test Pattern
dC671 Registration Measurement Cycle
dC673 Registration Control Sensor Check Cycle
dC675 Registration Control Setup Cycle
dC919 Color Balance Set
dC924 TRC Manual Adjustment
dC940 Procon On/Off Print
dC945 IIT Calibration
dC949 Default Developer ATC Setup
dC950 ATC Sensor Setup
dC980 Altitude Adjustment
dC981 Marking Data Print
dC991 Toner Density Adjustment
dC1215 Transfer Voltage Adjustment

How to Exit Diagnostics

1. Touch Exit. Select either Clear Error Log History or Keep Error Log History.

2. Touch Service.

3. Touch Log Out.

Maintenance Password Not Available

If the maintenance passcode is unavailable, perform the steps that follow:

1. From the Embedded Web Server Home screen, select Log In, then Admin.

2. Enter the password '1111' (default setting). Select Log In. If the administrator password is unknown, perform GP 29 System Administrator Password Reset.

3. Select System, Security.

4. Select Customer Service Engineer Access Restriction. If this option is not displayed, select SSL/TSL Settings, then enable HTTP-SSL/TLS Communication. Then select OK, then Restart Now. After the restart, select System, then Security, then Customer Service Engineer Access Restriction.

5. Disable the feature, select OK, then Restart Now.

6. Enter diagnostics normally.

**This procedure is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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106R03757 106R03760 106R03759 106R03758
106R03737 106R03740 106R03739 106R03738

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