How to Enter dC135 HFSI Counter for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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To view the counters for high frequency service items (HFSI).


1. Enter Diagnostics, GP 1.
2. Touch dC135 HFSI Counter.
3. Enter the relevant Chain-Link number or select the component from the list.
4. Touch Details. The Details screen will open, displaying the part name, current value, replacement data and the specified life.
5. Refer to Table 1 to observe the status of the items.
6. To reset an HFSI value:

a. Touch Reset.
b. The Reset Current Value screen will open.
c. Touch Yes to reset the NVM value.

NOTE: The three previous replacement values will be modified.

7. To edit the specified life of an HFSI:

a. Touch Spec Life.
b. The Spec Life screen will open.
c. Enter the new value.
d. Touch OK.

8. Touch Close to return to the HFSI Counter screen.
9. Touch Close to return to the Diagnostics screen.
10. Exit diagnostics, GP 1.

Table 1 Component list
Chain-Link Name Spec Life
954-800 Tray 1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Rolls 300K feeds
954-801 Tray 2 Feed/Retard/Nudger Rolls 300K feeds
954-802 Tray 3 Feed/Retard/Nudger Rolls 300K feeds
954-803 Tray 4 Feed/Retard/Nudger Rolls 300K feeds
954-804 HCF1 Feed/Retard/Nudger Rolls 300K feeds
954-805 MSI (Bypass Tray) Feed Roll/Retard 50K feeds
954-820 IBT Unit 20000K prints
954-821 2nd BTR Unit 20000K prints
954-830 Deve HSG PV Y 20/25ppm = 400K Prints
30/35ppm = 480K prints
954-831 Deve HSG PV M 20/25ppm = 400K prints
30/35ppm = 480K prints
954-832 Deve HSG PV C 20/25ppm = 400K prints
30/35ppm = 480K prints
954-833 Deve HSG PV K 20/25ppm = 400K prints
30/35ppm = 480K prints
954-840 Y Drum Cartridge PV 65800 prints
954-841 M Drum Cartridge PV 65800 prints
954-842 C Drum Cartridge PV 65800 prints
954-843 K Drum Cartridge PV 65800 prints
954-850 Fusing Unit Print Count 175K feeds
954-851 Fusing Unit Time Count 18000K seconds
955-806 Feed Count 200K feeds
955-807 Simplex Feed Count 360K feeds
955-808 Duplex Feed Count 360K feeds
955-810 I/L Open Count 180K
955-812 TA Clutch On-Count 1080K
955-826 Nip Sol On-Count 500K
955-828 Feed Clutch On-Count 360K
955-830 Stamp Sol On Count 100K
955-831 Stamp Action Count 3K
956-802 Scan Count 6000K
956-803 Light Lamp Time 7200K
956-804 Lamp Turn On Count 6000K

**This procedure is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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