How to Enter dC945 IIT Calibration for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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To perform white reference adjustment, CCD calibration, and optical axis deviation correction for the scanner.


• Color test pattern 82E13120.


CAUTION: Only use one of the specified Xerox papers listed in Table 1. The use of non-specified Xerox papers may cause the IIT to be calibrated incorrectly.

1. Perform ADJ 60.5 Optics Cleaning Procedure.
2. Enter dC131, then read NVM location 715-106.
3. Refer to Table 1, then depending on the available paper position 10 sheets on the document glass, then set the NVM 715-106 value to 5, 6, 7 or 8.

NOTE: In order to adjust the white reference the NVM 715-106 value needs to be set according to Table 1.

If the NVM 715-106 value displayed is something other than 5, 6, 7, 8 or 0, the scanner NVM is corrupt and needs to be initialized. Enter dC301, select area IISS - IIT/IPS (Scanner NVM), then touch Start and follow the UI messages to initialize the scanner NVM.

Table 1 NVM Values for Paper
Paper Type Weight/Size Brightness Value for NVM 715-106
Digital Color Xpression 24lb/11x17 98B 5
Colotech Plus Gold 90gsm/A3 98B 6
Xerox 4200 20lb/11x17 98B 7
Xerox Business 80gsm/A3 98B 8

4. Exit dC131.


CAUTION: Do not select Optical Axis Correction unless the CCD Assembly has been replaced or you are specifically instructed to perform Optical Axis Correction by some other procedure. If it is necessary to perform the Optical Axis Correction, go to (ADJ 60.6).

1. Enter Diagnostics, GP 1.
2. Touch dC945 IIT Calibration.
3. Select White Reference Adjustment - Side 1, then follow the on screen instructions.
4. After the White Reference Adjustment - Side 1 routine has completed, position test pattern 82E13120 on the platen glass, color pattern face down and lead edge on the left, with the 10 sheets of Xerox specified paper on top.
5. Select CCD Calibration Side 1, then follow the on screen instructions.
6. After the CCD Calibration Side 1 routine has completed, check the UI display shows the Procon and Scan Result as OK.
7. Touch Close to return to the IIT Calibration screen.
8. Touch Back to return to the Diagnostics screen.
9. Exit diagnostics, GP 1.

**This procedure is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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