How to Enter dC140 Analog Component Monitoring for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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To provide tools to start (actuate) and stop (de-actuate) monitoring of specific analog components. The nominal range of the analog value and, when monitoring is active, the current value is displayed. The values are updated at least every second to allow the component state to be monitored.


1. Enter Diagnostics, GP 1.
2. Touch dC140 Analog Component Monitoring.
3. Touch Chain-Link.
4. Enter the relevant Chain-Link number, refer to Table 1.
5. Touch OK.
6. Touch Start. The screen will display the information that follows:

• Chain-Link number of the component.
• Input or output code clarification.
• The enabled or disabled state.
• The output level.

7. To temporarily change the output level of a component:

a. Touch Level (wrench symbol).
b. Touch the +/- buttons to enter the new value (1 to 65535).
c. Touch OK.

8. Touch Stop All to stop component operation.
9. Touch Close to return to the Diagnostics screen.
10. Exit diagnostics, GP 1.

Table 1 Component list
Chain-Link Component Name Description
010-200 Heat Roll NC Sensor: Inf The detected value of the mid heat roll sensor.
Range: 1019 (low) to 150 (high)
010-201 Heat Roll NC Sensor: Temp The compensated value of the mid heat roll sensor.
Range: 1019 (low) to 130 (high)
010-202 Heat Roll NC Sensor: Diff The differential value of the mid heat roll sensor.
Range: -32 (low) to 1024 (high)
010-203 Heat Roll STS The STS temperature value of the rear heat roll sensor.
Range: 1018 (low) to 120 (high)
071-200 Tray 1 Size Sensor Analog Displays the value for tray 1 paper size.
Range: 0 to 989
072-200 Tray 2 Size Sensor Analog Displays the value for tray 2 paper size.
Range: 0 to 247
073-200 Tray 3 Size Sensor Analog Displays the value for tray 3 paper size.
Range: 0 to 247
074-200 Tray 4 Size Sensor Analog Displays the value for tray 4 paper size.
Range: 0 to 247
089-200 R_RAD_VSP MOB sensor reading (OUT).
089-202 R_RAD_LOW_VSP MOB sensor reading (IN).
092-203 ATC_SNR_Y TC detection in the Y developer housing assembly.
092-204 ATC_SNR_M TC detection in the M developer housing assembly.
092-205 ATC_SNR_C TC detection in the C developer housing assembly.
092-206 ATC_SNR_K TC detection in the K developer housing assembly.

**This procedure is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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