How to Perform 020C Unable To Send A Fax To Some Machines RAP for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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020C Unable To Send A Fax To Some Machines RAP

Use this RAP to isolate components which contribute to a failure to send a fax to some machines.


NOTE: Refer to the 020A Fax Entry RAP. Complete all of the Initial Actions.

WARNING: Ensure that the electricity to the machine is switched off while performing tasks that do not need electricity. Refer to GP 10. Disconnect the power cord. Electricity can cause death or injury. Moving parts can cause injury.

1. Ensure the correct number is being dialled to make the connection. The connection is made. If YES, go to 3. If NO, go to 2.

2. The exchange is not processing the digits correctly. The machine needs a longer pause between digits. Advise the customer to insert a pause ( , ) between the first and second digit of the dial string.

3. Call the fax number from a known good telephone. Listen for the answer fax tones. The fax tones are heard. If YES, go to 5. If NO, go to 4.

4. The fax on the remote end is not picking up, or no fax is connected. Advise the customer to check the machine at the remote end.

5. The fax is working correctly. Send a 3 page test fax to a known good fax machine. Print a protocol report, GP 30. The protocol report shows Receive Not Ready (RNR) is received from the remote fax repeatedly until timeout and Disconnect (DCN). Check for a communication failure after ‘V34-PH2/V34-PH3’ or ‘DCS/TCF’. The remote fax receives and prints the fax. If YES, go to 7. If NO, go to 6.

6. There is a compatibility problem with the remote fax. Check the items that follow:

• Check the protocol report for communication errors.
• The fax line quality is too poor for V34 (Super G3) to function correctly. This is possibly caused by mains interference on the line.
• From the Embedded Web Server Home screen, select Log In, then Admin. Enter the password ‘1111’ (default setting). Select Log In. Select Apps. From the Installed Apps list, select Fax. Disable Super G3.
If mains noise persists, install and use line 2 or 3 instead of line 1 (if available).

7. The protocol report shows Message Confirmation (MCF) is not sent by the remote fax (last page), only DCN. The failure report is printed, but the remote fax prints multiple copies of the job or failed page. If YES, go to 9. If NO, go to 8.

8. The fax is working correctly. Send a 3 page test fax to a known good fax machine. Print a protocol report, GP 30. Check for errors.

9. The machine will resend up to 5 times before printing the failure report.
Enter Customer Administration Tools, GP 23. Select Service Settings / Embedded Fax Settings / Transmission Defaults / Automatic Resend. Set the number of resends to 1 or 2.

**This RAP is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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