How to Fix 033-726 033-728 033-734 033-737 033-738 033-751 Error Code for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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033-726, 728, 734, 737, 738, 751 Fax Printing Error RAP

033-726 Two sided printing not available when receiving fax (mixed size).
033-728 Formatting for fax auto print was aborted because the instruction for fax manual print was sent during the operation.
033-734 Job was cancelled because fax print and fax auto report were started at the same time.
033-737 The fax cont detected a failure and could not continue processing the job.
033-738 The fax cont detected an error in JBIG data during coding/decoding of the JBIG data.
033-751 An activity report is generated during the time period where print is prohibited and since the machine is in sleep mode, it started the process to place the report on hold.


Perform the steps that follow:

1. For a single occurrence, take no action.
2. If the fault persists, perform the 033-312, 033-313, 033-315 to 033-327 Fax Fault RAP.

**This RAP is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

You may be also interested in below toner and drum chip (CRUM) for Xerox VersaLink C7020, C7025, C7030, C7000.

Toner Chip (For North America and West Europe Region):

106R03741 106R03744 106R03743 106R03742
106R03757 106R03760 106R03759 106R03758
106R03737 106R03740 106R03739 106R03738

Toner Chip (For South America and East Europe Region):

106R03749 106R03752 106R03751 106R03750
106R03745 106R03748 106R03747 106R03746
106R03765 106R03768 106R03767 106R03766

Toner Chip (For Metered Machine):

106R03733 106R03736 106R03735 106R03734

Drum Chip:

113R00780 113R00782

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