How to Fix 033-312 033-313 033-315 to 033-327 Error Code for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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033-312, 033-313, 033-315 to 033-327 Fax Fault RAP

BSD-ON: BSD 20.1 Fax

033-312 The fax PWB was unable to detect the power off at the ESS PWB side within the specified time.
033-313 After the initialization of fax card has completed, it was detected that communication cannot be established with the fax card.
033-315 USB fax class driver notifies that a fatal error has occurred.
033-316 An error has occurred at the machine cont section in fax controller.
033-317 An error has occurred at the fax machine section in fax controller.
033-318 A fatal error has occurred at the fax image processing.
033-319 Due to an error during fax cont 2 software processing, subsequent processes cannot be performed.
033-320 The system side did not respond within the specified time on booting.
033-321 The fax card did not respond within the specified time on booting.
033-322 An I/F timeout with the fax.
033-323 An error was detected in fax cont 2.
033-324 The USB has transitioned to an unexpected state.
033-325 A fatal error has occurred at the fax card.
033-326 The fax card has detected a fatal error.
033-327 During fax communication, the FCM stopped responding and even though a communication interrupt request was issued to the FCM, it remained unresponsive.


WARNING: Ensure that the electricity to the machine is switched off while performing tasks that do not need electricity. Refer to GP 10. Disconnect the power cord. Electricity can cause death or injury. Moving parts can cause injury.

NOTE: For additional fax fault finding procedures, refer to 020A Fax Entry RAP.

Perform the steps that follow:

1. Switch off, then switch on the machine, GP 10.
2. Check that the telephone cables and network cable are securely connected.
3. Ensure that the fax PWBs, PL 20.05 are installed correctly.

NOTE: Line 2 and 3 fax PWBs are options. If phone lines are not connected to the line 2 fax pwb or line 3 fax pwb, ensure they are set for receive only.

4. Check the connections and wiring between the ESS PWB, PL 3.10 Item 6 and the line 1 fax PWB, PL 20.05 Item 10 for an open circuit, short circuit or poor contact.
5. Check the fax module ground connection.
6. Reload the software, GP 4.
7. Check that the customer fax line is operational. Plug a phone into the fax line. Check for a dial tone. If the fax line has a fault, inform the customer to have the fax line checked by the telephone company.
8. If the fault persists, install new components as necessary:

• Line 1 fax PWB, PL 20.05 Item 10.
• ESS PWB, PL 3.10 Item 6.
• Line 2 fax PWB, PL 20.05 Item 15.
• Line 3 fax PWB, PL 20.05 Item 15.
• Riser PWB, PL 20.05 Item 16.

**This RAP is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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