PL 70.45 HCF Assembly for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer

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PL 70.45 HCF Assembly

PL 70.45 HCF Assembly for Xerox C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000

Item Part Description
1 604K23830 Docking plate
2 003K91881 Knob
3 130K55590 HCF tray in sensor (Q78-204)
4 801K15701 Tray rail
5 050K51976 HCF Tray 6 (REP 70.3, REP 70.4)
6 - Left top cover (Not Spared)
7 - Right cover (Not Spared)
8 - Front right cover (Not Spared)
9 - Left cover (Not Spared)
10 - Rear cover (Not Spared)
11 - HCF feeder (Not Spared) (REP 80.21)
12 - Label (top) (Not Spared)
13 - Label (tray number) (Not Spared)
14 - Label (size) (Not Spared)
15 - Label (end) (Not Spared)
16 - Frame assembly (Not Spared)
17 - HCF tray (P/O PL 70.45 Item 5)
Note: Item 5 contains item 1-4, 6-17.

**This PL 70.45 is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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