How to Fix 016A Error Code for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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016A Scan to Network Error Entry RAP

Use this RAP when the customer reports network failures. e.g. cannot connect to the scan server when using the FTP or SMB protocols or when a folder on the scan server cannot be opened.

Initial Actions

Consult with your manager before troubleshooting the customer’s network, as the policy varies according to region. Also consult with the customer’s IT personnel or System Administrator.


NOTE: Network errors can be complex to diagnose and resolve. Actions are limited to checking for fundamental faults and to collect system information, before contacting 2nd level support.

NOTE: If it is possible to log in to the Embedded Web Server by entering the IP address of the machine, then the network controller on the ESS PWB is good.

1. Check that the date and time are set correctly on the machine, refer to GP 24 How to Set the Date and Time. The time and date are correct. If YES, go to 3. If NO, go to 2.

2. Set the time and date parameters correctly.

3. Check the LED link lights at the ESS PWB ethernet connection. The LEDs illuminate. If YES, go to 4. If NO, go to 7.

4. If possible, perform the following to try and eliminate the problem of a faulty network port:

• Check the connections at the network port and ESS PWB are good.
• Connect the machine to another network port.
• Advise the customer to a provide a new network port to ESS PWBA cable.
• Check the operation of a known good machine to the network port.

If the fault persists, install a new ESS PWB, PL 3.10 Item 6. The LEDs illuminate. If YES, go to 6. If NO, go to 5.

5. Contact 2nd level support.

6. Perform the Final Actions.

7. Perform the Final Actions.

Final Actions

Perform the steps that follow:

1. Attempt to ping the machine:

a. Print a configuration report to obtain the IP address of the machine, GP 14.
b. From an internet connected PC or laptop, select Start and in the Search box above the Start button, type CMD, then press Enter to open a command window.

NOTE: If the Windows key is enabled (the key located in the lower left corner with the Microsoft logo), hold the Windows key down, press R and release both keys to open the Run window.

c. In the Command window (where the blinking cursor is) type ping. Press the space bar once, then enter the IP address of the machine. Press Enter.
d. If the ping command is successful, the machine will reply four times. This should not take more than two or three seconds.
e. If the ping command times out, or responds with ‘host unreachable’, check the IP address that was entered. If the IP address is correct, contact 2nd level support.

2. Attempt to send a scan job from the machine, if the scan to job did not complete, contact 2nd level support.

**This RAP is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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