GP 7 How to Check a Sensor for Xerox VersaLink C7020 C7025 C7030 C7000 Printer?

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Use this procedure to check the operation of a sensor.

NOTE: The upper circuit diagram in Figure 1 shows a flag sensor. Some sensors have a resistor within the sensor. Other sensors require a resistor on the PWB, such as R1 in Figure 1. The resistor limits the current through the LED. This decreases the voltage on the sensor LED to 1.2V, typically.

NOTE: The voltages, PJ numbers, pin numbers and PWB names shown are an example only.

Initial Actions

WARNING: Ensure that the electricity to the machine is switched off while performing tasks that do not need electricity. Refer to GP 10. Disconnect the power cord. Electricity can cause death or injury. Moving parts can cause injury.

Perform the steps that follow:

1. Ensure that the sensor is installed correctly.
2. Clean the sensor and the area around the sensor.
3. If a flag actuator is installed, check that it has free movement.
4. Check that the paper path is clear.
5. If the sensor actuates by a surface that reflects, check that the surface is clean. Also ensure that there is not an obstruction between the sensor and the surface.
6. If the sensor actuates by an encoder disc, ensure the holes or gaps in the disc are aligned correctly with the sensor.

Sensor Action

In the upper sensor in Figure 1, when light from the LED is allowed to fall on the photo-sensitive transistor, the sensing line, PJA, pin 2, is low. When light from the LED is blocked by the flag, the sensing line is high.

In the lower sensor in Figure 1, when light from the LED is reflected by the paper onto the photo-sensitive transistor, the sensing line, PJE, pin 2 is low. When no paper is present, no light falls on the transistor and the sensing line is high.

Quick Sensor Check

Enter the component control code for the sensor. Refer to dC330. Actuate the sensor. If the display changes, the sensor operates correctly. If the display does not change, perform the procedure.


For the upper sensor in Figure 1:

• Disconnect PJA (Flag 1). Check for +3.3V and 0V at PJA on the harness.
• Disconnect PJC (Flag 2). Check the wiring and the connectors for the sensor circuit.
• Check for +3.3V and 0V at PJC (Flag 2) on the ESS PWB.
• If necessary, install new components or repair the wiring.

Figure 1 Wiring diagram
Figure 1 Wiring diagram

**This procedure is from Xerox Service Manual. All brand names and trademarks are their respective owner's property.**

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