Everything You Need to Know About a Toner Chip

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If you use a printer, you might see the warning pops on your computer which tells the toner cartridge is running out. You receive this warning with the help of toner chip.

What is a toner chip?

Printer toner cartridge is designed with a specific page yield. Nowadays laser printer or copier usually uses toner chip (also called smart chip) to monitor and count the page used during printing. Toner chip is connected to the printer through direct contact or non-contact (RF). It is typically soldered to small PCB board and has dedicated storage units to store information, sometimes configured with processor to respond the requests from the printer or copier. When a certain page is consumed, it will then communicate with your computer to give the warning.

What is a toner chip's function?

1.Store the toner cartridge details (identification of toner cartridge models)

2.Count and record the print pages, toner powder volume and the print coverage rate (printer calculates it based on pixels). This information is collected by the printer, fed back to the toner chip and then stored by the toner chip storage unit. To make sure the printer can work normally, the information collected by the printer is unrecoverable.

3.Identify area information. Some printer manufacturers design different chip codes for different areas, which means that the toner chip is not compatible with different toner cartridges and printers. Toner cartridge only can work with the correct toner chip. To click here to learn more about toner chip area information.

4.Authorize the printer and toner cartridge pass. The toner chip must use the correct encryption and respond to the printer's request within the specified time.

5.Manage toner powder information according to printer requirements. The printer determines the volume of remain toner powder and writes the information into the toner chip. When the printer needs the information, the toner chip sends it back to the printer.

Does non-original toner chip damage printer?

Toner chips have caused some controversy because they are kinds of obstacle to refill toner cartridges. Your printer will allow you to print with a refilled or new compatible toner cartridge only if you reset or replace the toner chip. When you replace a used original cartridge with a new compatible one (from a third party, or refilled), some toner chip will send you warnings that this cartridge may damage your printer. However, there is little research evidence of damage. There is no need to worry about this issue.

Is it possible or necessary to reset toner chip?

That depends. For some printer models, their toner chips of the cartridge are not able to be reset. Because these kinds of chips store toner level permanently in their store unit, the data can’t be accessed, so toner chip should be replaced. On the contrary, the other toner chips can be reset with a so called "resetter", a small plastic tool with several pins to connect with, and tells the toner chip to return its counter to zero.

However, there is risk to reset toner chips. Resetter can only reset the original toner chips, but the original equipment manufacturers may upgrade the firmware constantly. Therefore, the reset toner chip can’t work if the firmware upgrades. We recommend the new compatible toner chips which upgrade with the latest firmware, they can work well always.

How to replace and install a toner chip?

1.Check and confirm the printer model, select the toner chip that matches the printer model. If you are not sure which toner chip matches your printer, you can turn to XwkTech engineer for help by sending email to service@xwktech.com.

2.Power off the printer and take the toner cartridge out.

3.Remove the used toner chip from the toner cartridge and replace it with a new one.

4.Install the toner cartridge with new toner chip in the printer and close the cover.

5.Connect the printer to the power supply, turn on it, and the printer status light turns green. The toner chip replacement is finished and printing and copying functions are resumed.

How to solve toner chip error?

Sometimes, you may encounter this problem. The toner cartridge still has enough print pages available, but the printer says the toner is empty. It is because printer can’t recognize the toner chip properly. To avoid this problem, always power off your printer when you maintain or replace a cartridge. Bad connection or improper installation of a new cartridge can also cause this kind of error. Reinstalling the cartridge and following the original equipment manufacturer’s instructions with the power off can fix it up.

We hope this helps. If you have any questions about toner chips, welcome to leave your comment here or write us email service@xwktech.com.

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  • I want 59A and 76A

    Munawar Hussain Mughal on
  • @Ken @Max There is no compatible toner chip for HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283cdw currently. Once it is available, will keep you informed. Welcome to keep focusing on our online store.

    XwkTech on
  • how would I purchase replacement toner chips for HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283cdw?
    -Ken McCumsey

    Ken McCumsey on
  • do you fave a source or website for the chips for an MFP M283 CDW HP

    Max on
  • @Max Yes, the HP 206a cartridge can be reset with these two methods as you mentioned in theory. But there is no such solutions now. Our new compatible HP 206a toner chip is under development. You can keep following our website.

    XwkTech on

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